Quantcast Unbalanced 3 phase Loads

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Basic AC Power THREE-PHASE CIRCUITS Solution: 1. VL 3 Vf (1.73)(240) VL 415.2  volts 2. PT 3 VLILcosq (1.73)(415.2)(100)(0.9) PT 64.6  kW 3. QT 3 VLILsinq (1.73)(415.2)(100)(0.436) QT 31.3  kVAR 4. ST 3 VLIL (1.73)(415.2)(100) ST 71.8  kVA Unbalanced 3Loads An important property of a three-phase balanced system is that the phasor sum of the three line or phase voltages is zero, and the phasor sum of the three line or phase currents is zero.   When the three load impedances are not equal to one another, the phasor sums and the neutral current (In) are not zero, and the load is, therefore, unbalanced.   The imbalance occurs when an open or short circuit appears at the load. If a three-phase system has an unbalanced load and an unbalanced power source, the methods of fixing the system are complex.   Therefore, we will only consider an unbalanced load with a balanced power source. Example:  A 3balanced system, as shown in Figure 16a, contains a wye load.  The line-to- line voltage is 240V, and the resistance is 40 in each branch. Rev. 0 Page 23 ES-09


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