Quantcast Figure 17    Simple Megger Circuit Diagram

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Test Instruments & Measuring Devices TEST EQUIPMENT Figure 17    Simple Megger Circuit Diagram Coil A is wound in a manner to produce a clockwise torque on the moving element.   With the terminals marked "line" and "earth" shorted, giving a zero resistance, the current flow through the Coil A is sufficient to produce enough torque to overcome the torque of Coil B.  The pointer then moves to the extreme clockwise position, which is marked as zero resistance.   Resistance (R1) will protect Coil A from excessive current flow in this condition. When an unknown resistance is connected across the test terminals, line and earth, the opposing torques of Coils A and B balance each other so that the instrument pointer comes to rest at some point on the scale.   The scale is calibrated such that the pointer directly indicates the value of resistance being measured. Rev. 0 Page 29 ES-14


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