Quantcast Motor Controller Types and Operation

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MOTOR CONTROLLERS Electrical Distribution Systems Figure 11    Magnetic Contactor Assembly Motor Controller Types and Operation Within the two basic categories of motor controllers, there are three major types of AC across- the-line controllers in use today.   There are low-voltage protection (LVP), low-voltage release (LVR), and low-voltage release effect (LVRE) controllers. The  main  purpose  of  an  LVP  controller  is Figure 12    LVP Controller to  de-energize  the  motor  in  a  low  voltage condition   and   keep   it   from   re-starting automatically upon return of normal voltage (Figure 12). LVP Controller Operation: 1. Push   the   START   button,   which energizes  contactor  coil  M,  closing the  M  and  Ma  contacts.   When  the START    button    is    released,    the circuit will remain complete, because   the   Ma   contact   remains closed,    shunting    the    open    start switch. ES-15 Page 18 Rev. 0


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