Quantcast Figure 15    Three-Phase To Single-Phase Connections

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Electrical Distribution Systems WIRING SCHEMES AND GROUNDING The first scheme (Figure 15A) provides for the connection of the load from a phase leg to any Figure 15    Three-Phase To Single-Phase Connections ground  point  and  is  referred  to  as  a  phase-to-ground  scheme.   The  remaining  scheme  (Figure 15B)  connects  the  single-phase  load  between  any  two  legs  of  the  three-phase  source  and  is referred to as a phase-to-phase connection.   The choice of schemes, phase-to phase or phase-to- ground, allows several voltage options depending on whether the source three-phase system is a delta or wye configuration.   This will be discussed in the three-phase segment of this chapter. The only approved method of wiring single-phase power is the scheme commonly referred to as the 3-wire, single-phase Edison system.  The illustration in Figure 16 depicts the use of a center- tapped transformer, with the center tap grounded, providing half voltage (120 V) connections on either side or full voltage (240 V) across both sides. Rev. 0 Page 23 ES-15


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