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Transformers TRANSFORMER TYPES TRANSFORMER TYPES Transformers can be constructed so that they are designed to perform a specific function.  A basic understanding of the various types of transformers is necessary to understand the role transformers play in today’s nuclear facilities. EO 1.4 STATE the applications of each of the following types of transformers: a. Distribution b. Power c. Control d. Auto e. Isolation f. Instrument potential g. Instrument current Types of Transformers Transformers are constructed so that their characteristics match the application for which they are  intended.    The  differences  in  construction  may  involve  the  size  of  the  windings  or  the relationship between the primary and secondary windings.  Transformer types are also designated by the function the transformer serves in a circuit, such as an isolation transformer. Distribution Transformer Distribution  transformers  are  generally  used  in  electrical  power  distribution  and  transmission systems.  This class of transformer has the highest power, or volt-ampere ratings, and the highest continuous  voltage  rating.    The  power  rating  is  normally  determined  by  the  type  of  cooling methods the transformer may use.   Some commonly-used methods of cooling are by using oil or some other heat-conducting material.  Ampere rating is increased in a distribution transformer by increasing the size of the primary and secondary windings; voltage ratings are increased by increasing the voltage rating of the insulation used in making the transformer. Power Transformer Power  transformers  are  used  in  electronic  circuits  and  come  in  many  different  types  and applications.    Electronics  or  power  transformers  are  sometimes  considered  to  be  those  with ratings of 300 volt-amperes and below.  These transformers normally provide power to the power supply of an electronic device, such as in power amplifiers in audio receivers. Rev. 0 Page 17 ES-13


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