Quantcast Enthalpy-Temperature (h-T) Diagram

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Thermodynamics PROPERTY DIAGRAMS AND STEAM TABLES Enthalpy-Temperature (h-T) Diagram An h-T diagram exhibits the same features as on the previous property diagrams.   Figure 12 is the h-T diagram for pure water.  An h-T diagram can be constructed for any pure substance.  As in  the  previous  property  diagrams,  there  are  regions  on  the  h-T  diagram  in  which  two  phases exist  together.    The  region  between  the  saturated  liquid  line  and  the  saturated  vapor  line represents the area of two phases existing at the same time.   The vertical distance between the two saturation lines represents the latent heat of vaporization.   If pure water existed at point A on  the  saturated  liquid  line  and  an  amount  of  heat  was  added  equal  to  the  latent  heat  of vaporization,  then  the  water  would  change  phase  from  a  saturated  liquid  to  a  saturated  vapor (point B), while maintaining a constant temperature.   As shown in Figure 12, operation outside the saturation lines results in a subcooled liquid or superheated steam. Figure 12    h-T Diagram for Water The quality of the mixture at any point in the liquid-vapor region can be found using the same relationship as shown for the P-h diagram. x h  hf hfg Rev. 0 Page 45 HT-01


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