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PROPERTY DIAGRAMS AND STEAM TABLES Thermodynamics Temperature-Entropy (T-s) Diagram A  T-s  diagram  is  the  type  of  diagram  most  frequently  used  to  analyze  energy  transfer  system cycles.   This is because the work done by or on the system and the heat added to or removed from the system can be visualized on the T-s diagram.   By the definition of entropy, the heat transferred to or from a system equals the area under the T-s curve of the process.   Figure 13 is the T-s diagram for pure water.   A T-s diagram can be constructed for any pure substance.   It exhibits the same features as P-u  diagrams. Figure 13   T-s Diagram for Water In the liquid-vapor region in Figure 13, water and steam exist together.   For example, at point A, water with an entropy (sf) given by point B, exists together with steam with an entropy (sg) given by point C.  The quality of the mixture at any point in the liquid-vapor region can be found using the following relationship. s = xsg  + (1 - x)sf x s sf sfg HT-01 Page 46 Rev. 0


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