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Process Controls TWO POSITION CONTROL SYSTEMS TWO POSITION CONTROL SYSTEMS A two position controller is the simplest type of controller. EO 1.4 DESCRIBE the characteristics of the following types of automatic control systems: a. Two position control system Controllers A    controller    is    a    device    that Figure 11   Process Control System Operation generates  an  output  signal  based on   the   input   signal   it   receives. The   input   signal   is   actually   an error signal, which is the difference  between  the  measured variable  and  the  desired  value,  or setpoint. This  input  error  signal  represents the  amount  of  deviation  between where    the    process    system    is actually  operating  and  where  the process  system  is  desired  to  be operating.  The controller provides an    output    signal    to    the    final control element, which adjusts the process    system    to    reduce    this deviation.     The  characteristic  of this output signal is dependent on the     type,     or     mode,     of     the controller.   This chapter describes the   simplest   type   of   controller, which is the two position, or ON- OFF, mode controller. Rev. 0 Page 17 IC-07


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