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Radiation Detectors SOURCE RANGE NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTATION SOURCE RANGE NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTATION Three ranges are used to monitor the power level of a reactor throughout the full range  of  reactor  operation.    The  source  range  makes  use  of  a  proportional counter. EO 3.3 Given   a   block   diagram   of   a   typical   source   range instrument, STATE the purpose of major components. a. Linear amplifier b. Discriminator c. Pulse integrator d. Log count rate amplifier e. Differentiator Source  range  instrumentation  normally  consists  of  two  redundant  count  rate  channels,  each composed of a high-sensitivity proportional counter and associated signal measuring equipment. These channels are typically used over a counting range of 0.1 to 106 counts per second, but vary based on reactor design.   Their outputs are displayed on meters in terms of the logarithm of the count rate. Source  range  instrumentation  also  measures  the  rate  of  change  of  the  count  rate.   The  rate  of change is displayed on meters in terms of the startup rate from -1 to +10 decades per minute. Protective  functions  are  not normally  associated  with  source  range  instrumentation  because  of inherent limitations in this range.   However, interlocks may be incorporated. Many reactor plants have found it necessary to place source range proportional counters in lead shielding to reduce gamma flux at the detectors.   This serves two functions: (a) it increases the low  end  sensitivity  of  the  detector,  and  (b)  it  adds  to  detector  life.   Another  means  by  which detector life is extended is to disable the high voltage power supply to the detector and short the signal lead when neutron flux has passed into the intermediate range.   There are some reactor plants  that  have  made  provisions  for  moving  the  source  range  detectors  from  their  operating positions  to  a  position  of  reduced  neutron  flux  level,  once  the  flux  level  increases  above  the source range. Rev. 0 Page 63 IC-06


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