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Review of Introductory Mathematics CALCULATOR OPERATIONS Memory Key The  TI-30  has  only  one  memory.    Pressing  the  STO  key  enters  the  displayed number into memory. Any number already in memory will be overwritten. Note:   Calculators with more than one memory will require a number to be entered with the STO key.  For example, STO 01 means store the displayed number in memory 01; STO 20 means store the number in memory 20. Memory Recall Key Pressing  the  RCL  key  will  retrieve  the  number  in  memory  and  display  it.  Note that the number is also still in memory. This allows the number to be used again. Pressing the RCL will also overwrite any number previously displayed. Note:   Calculators with more than one memory will require a number to be entered with the RCL key.   RCL 01 means recall the number stored in the 01 memory.   RCL 20 means recall the number stored in memory 20. Constant Key Certain  calculations  often  contain  repetitive  operations  and  numbers.  The  K, constant,  is  a  time-saving  function  that  allows  a  single  key  stroke  to  perform  a single operation and number on the displayed number. For example, if 20 numbers are to be multiplied by -17.35, the K key can be used. Enter  -17.35,  then  press  the  times  key,  then  the  K  key;  this  "teaches"  the calculator the required operation. From this point on when entering a number and pressing  the  K  key,  the  calculator  will  automatically  multiply  the  displayed number by -17.35, saving you six key strokes. Summation Key If a long list of numbers is to be added, the summation key will save time if used. Pressing the summation key adds the displayed number to the number in memory. The final sum is then retrieved from memory. Memory Exchange Key The EXC, memory exchange key, swaps the displayed number with the number in memory. Reciprocal Key When pressed, it divides the displayed number into one. Rev. 0 Page 5 MA-01


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