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DECIMALS Review of Introductory Mathematics Decimal to Fraction Conversion The  process  of  decimal  to  fraction  conversion  involves  the  use  of  the  fundamental  rule  of fractions; the fraction should be written in its lowest terms.  The following examples demonstrate how to convert decimals to fractions. Example 1: Convert 0.65 to a fraction. Solution: Step 1: Note the number of place positions to the right of the decimal point.   In this example, 0.65 is 65 hundredths, which is two places to the right of the decimal point. 65 100 Step 2: Although we have now converted the decimal into a fraction, the fraction is  not  in  its  lowest  terms.  To  reduce  the  new  fraction  into  its  lowest  or simplest terms, both the numerator and the denominator must be broken down into primes. 65 100 5 13 5 20 5 13 5 4 5 5 13 5 2 2 5 Note that we can cancel one set of 5s, because = 1. 5 5 This gives 65 100 13 20 and this is the simplest form of this fraction. Example 2: Convert 18.82 to a mixed number. MA-01 Page 40 Rev. 0


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