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ELECTRICAL WIRING DOE-HDBK-1016/1-93 Electrical Diagrams and Schematics AND SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM READING EXAMPLES ELECTRICAL WIRING AND SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM READING EXAMPLES This chapter contains several examples that will help to build, through practice, on the knowledge gained in reading electrical wiring and schematic diagrams. 1.6 Given a simple electrical schematic and initial conditions, IDENTIFY the power sources and/or loads and their status (i.e., energized or de- energized). Examples To aid in understanding the symbology and diagrams discussed in this module refer to Figure 17 and Figure 18.  Then answer the questions asked about each.  The answers for each example are given on the page following the questions. Referring to Figure 17: 1. What type of diagram is it? 2. What is the rating on the fuses protecting the motor controller circuit? Refer to the number at the far left to locate the following lines. 3. What is the component labeled ITDR in line 13? 4. Which lines contain limit switches? 5. Which lines contain pushbutton switches? 6. How many contacts are operated from relay 8CR? 7. What component is represented by the symbol on the far right of line 4? PR-03 Rev. 0 Page 18


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