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DIESEL ENGINE SPEED, DOE-HDBK-1018/1-93 Diesel Engine Fundamentals FUEL CONTROLS, AND PROTECTION Governor Diesel engine speed is  controlled solely by the amount of fuel injected into the engine by the injectors.   Because  a  diesel  engine  is  not  self-speed-limiting,  it  requires  not  only  a  means  of changing engine speed (throttle control) but also a means of maintaining the desired speed.  The governor provides the engine with the feedback mechanism to change speed as needed and to maintain a speed once reached. A governor is essentially a speed-sensitive device, designed to maintain a constant engine speed regardless  of load variation.   Since all governors  used on diesel engines  control engine speed through the regulation of the quantity of fuel delivered to the cylinders, these governors may be classified as speed-regulating governors.   As with the engines themselves there are many types and  variations  of  governors.    In  this  module,  only  the  common  mechanical-hydraulic  type governor will be reviewed. The major function of the governor is determined by the application of the engine.  In an engine that is  required to come up and run at only a single speed regardless  of load, the governor is called a constant-speed type governor.  If the engine is manually controlled, or controlled by an outside device with engine speed being controlled over a range, the governor is called a variable- speed  type  governor.    If  the  engine  governor  is  designed  to  keep  the  engine  speed  above  a minimum and below a maximum, then the governor is a speed-limiting type.  The last category of governor is the load limiting type.  This type of governor limits fuel to ensure that the engine is not loaded above a specified limit.  Note that many governors act to perform several of these functions simultaneously. Operation  of  a  Governor The following is an explanation of the operation of a constant speed, hydraulically compensated governor  using  the  Woodward  brand  governor  as  an  example.    The  principles  involved  are common in any mechanical and hydraulic governor. The Woodward speed governor operates the diesel engine fuel racks to ensure a constant engine speed  is  maintained  at  any  load.   The  governor  is  a  mechanical-hydraulic  type  governor  and receives its supply of oil from the engine lubricating system.  This means that a loss of lube oil pressure will cut off the supply of oil to the governor and cause the governor to shut down the engine.   This provides the engine with a built-in shutdown device to protect the engine in the event of loss of lubricating oil pressure. ME-01 Rev. 0 Page 34


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