Quantcast Simplified  Operation  of  the  Governor

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Diesel Engine Fundamentals DOE-HDBK-1018/1-93 DIESEL ENGINE SPEED, FUEL CONTROLS, AND PROTECTION Simplified  Operation  of  the  Governor The governor controls the fuel rack position through a combined action of the hydraulic piston and a set of mechanical flyweights, which are driven by the engine blower shaft. Figure  28  provides  an  illustration  of  a  functional  diagram  of  a  mechanical-hydraulic governor.   The position of the flyweights is determined by the speed of the engine.   As the  engine  speeds  up  or  down,  the  weights  move  in  or  out.    The  movement  of  the flyweights, due to a change in engine speed, moves  a small piston (pilot valve) in the governor's  hydraulic  system.    This  motion  adjusts  flow  of  hydraulic  fluid  to  a  large hydraulic piston (servo-motor piston).   The large hydraulic piston is  linked to the fuel rack and its motion resets the fuel rack for increased/decreased fuel. Figure 28   Simplified Mechanical-Hydraulic Governor Rev. 0 ME-01 Page 35


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