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Valves DOE-HDBK-1018/2-93 TYPES OF VALVES Angle  Valve  Design Figure 11   Angle Globe Valve The angle body globe valve design, illustrated in Figure 11, is a simple modification of the basic   globe   valve. Having   ends   at   right angles,  the  diaphragm  can  be  a  simple  flat plate.  Fluid is able to flow through with only a  single  90  turn  and  discharge  downward more  symmetrically than  the discharge  from an ordinary globe.   A particular advantage of the angle body design is  that it can function as both a valve and a piping elbow. For     moderate conditions of     pressure, temperature, and flow, the angle valve closely resembles   the  ordinary   globe. The  angle valve's   discharge   conditions   are   favorable with respect to fluid dynamics and erosion. Globe  Valve  Disks Most globe valves use one of three basic disk designs:  the  ball  disk,  the  composition  disk, and the plug disk. Ball  Disk The ball disk fits on a tapered, flat-surfaced seat.  The ball disk design is used primarily in relatively low pressure and low temperature systems.   It is capable of throttling flow, but is primarily used to stop and start flow. Composition  Disk The composition disk design uses a hard, nonmetallic insert ring on the disk.  The insert ring  creates  a  tighter closure.   Composition  disks  are primarily  used in  steam and  hot water  applications.   They  resist  erosion  and  are  sufficiently  resilient  to  close  on  solid particles without damaging the valve.   Composition disks are replaceable. Plug  Disk Because  of  its  configuration,  the  plug  disk  provides  better  throttling  than  ball  or composition designs.  Plug disks are available in a variety of specific configurations.  In general, they are all long and tapered. Rev. 0 ME-04 Page 17


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