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Energy, Work, and Power LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY Rev. 0 Page 7 CP-05 Conservation of Energy Summary + Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only altered in form. + Simplified energy balance: KE  + PE  + E = KE  + PE  + E 1 1 added 2 2 removed To further describe each of the components of the above equation, each component can be broken down as follows: Energy =  KE  + PE initial 1 1 Energy =  Work done on and heat added to the system added Energy =  Work done by and heat removed from the system removed Energy =  KE  + PE final 2 2 The resulting energy balance is provided in Equation 5-5. KE  + PE  + E - E = KE  + PE (5-5) 1 1 added removed 2 2 Neglecting  any  heat removed or added to a system, we can replace E and E in added removed Equation 5-5 with their associated work terms to obtain Equation 5-6. KE  + PE  + W    = KE  + PE  + W (5-6) 1 1 on 2 2 by The  final  energy  balance  is  called  a "simplified  energy  balance."    Any  energy balance  is  a statement of the Law of Conservation of Energy.  In this simplified form, the balance applies only to mechanical problems, since we neglected heat.  However, more specific energy balances that include heat will be discussed in other Fundamental Manuals.  For example, specific energy balances   for   flow   systems   will   be   discussed   in   the     Heat   Transfer, Fluid   Flow,   and Thermodynamics modules. Summary The law of conservation of energy is summarized below.


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