Quantcast Three-Phase AC Generators

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AC Generators AC GENERATOR OPERATION If DC field excitation is connected Figure 6    Simple AC Generator - Rotating Field, Stationary Armature to  the  rotor,  the  stationary  coils will  have  AC  induced  into  them (Figure  6).    This  arrangement  is called  a  rotating  field,  stationary armature AC generator. The     rotating     field,     stationary armature   type   AC   generator   is used when large power generation is   involved. In   this   type   of generator, a DC source is supplied to  the  rotating  field  coils,  which produces  a  magnetic  field  around the rotating element.   As the rotor is turned by the prime mover, the field will cut the conductors of the stationary  armature,  and  an  EMF will be induced into the armature windings. This type of AC generator has several advantages over the stationary field, rotating armature AC generator:   (1) a load can be connected to the armature without moving contacts in the circuit; (2) it is much easier to insulate stator fields than rotating fields; and (3) much higher voltages and currents can be generated. Three-Phase AC Generators Figure 7   Stationary Armature 3Generator The principles of a three-phase generator are basically the  same as  that of  a single-phase  generator, except that there are three equally-spaced windings and three output  voltages  that  are  all  120°  out  of  phase  with one another.  Physically adjacent loops (Figure 7) are separated by 60° of rotation; however, the loops are connected  to  the  slip  rings  in  such  a  manner  that there are 120 electrical degrees between phases. The  individual  coils  of  each  winding  are  combined and represented as a single coil.   The significance of Figure   7   is   that   it   shows   that   the   three-phase generator  has  three  separate  armature  windings  that are 120 electrical degrees out of phase. Rev. 0 Page 11 ES-10


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