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CONTROL LOOP DIAGRAMS Process Controls Below are several terms associated with the closed-loop block diagram. The  plant  is  the  system  or  process  through  which  a  particular  quantity  or  condition  is controlled.   This is also called the controlled system. The  control elements  are components needed to generate the appropriate control signal applied to the plant.   These elements are also called the "controller." The  feedback  elements  are  components  needed  to  identify  the  functional  relationship between the feedback signal and the controlled output. The  reference  point  is  an  external  signal  applied  to  the  summing  point  of  the  control system to cause the plant to produce a specified action.  This signal represents the desired value of a controlled variable and is also called the "setpoint." The controlled output is the quantity or condition of the plant which is controlled.   This signal represents the controlled variable. The  feedback signal  is a function of the output signal.   It is sent to the summing point and algebraically added to the reference input signal to obtain the actuating signal. The actuating signal represents the control action of the control loop and is equal to the algebraic sum of the reference input signal and feedback signal.   This is also called the "error signal." The manipulated variable is the variable of the process acted upon to maintain the plant output (controlled variable) at the desired value. The  disturbance  is  an  undesirable  input  signal  that  upsets  the  value  of  the  controlled output of the plant. Figure 9 shows a typical application of a block diagram to identify the operation of a temperature control system for lubricating oil.   (A) in Figure 9 shows a schematic diagram of the lube oil cooler and its associated temperature control system. IC-07 Page 10 Rev. 0


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