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Fluid Flow LAMINAR AND TURBULENT FLOW LAMINAR AND TURBULENT FLOW The characteristics of laminar and turbulent flow are very different. To  understand  why  turbulent  or  laminar  flow  is  desirable  in  the operation of a particular system,  it is necessary to understand  the characteristics of laminar and turbulent flow. EO 1.9 DESCRIBE the characteristics and flow velocity profiles of laminar flow and turbulent flow. EO 1.10 DEFINE the property of viscosity. EO 1.11 DESCRIBE  how  the  viscosity  of  a  fluid  varies  with temperature. EO 1.12 DESCRIBE the characteristics of an ideal fluid. EO 1.13 DESCRIBE   the   relationship   between   the   Reynolds number and the degree of turbulence of the flow. Flow Regimes All fluid flow is classified into one of two broad categories or regimes.  These two flow regimes are laminar flow and turbulent flow.  The flow regime, whether laminar or turbulent, is important in the design and operation of any fluid system.  The amount of fluid friction, which determines the  amount  of  energy  required  to  maintain  the  desired  flow,  depends  upon  the  mode  of  flow. This is also an important consideration in certain applications that involve heat transfer to the fluid. Laminar Flow Laminar flow is also referred to as streamline or viscous flow.   These terms are descriptive of the  flow  because,  in  laminar  flow,  (1)  layers  of  water  flowing  over  one  another  at  different speeds  with  virtually  no  mixing  between  layers,  (2)  fluid  particles  move  in  definite  and observable paths or streamlines, and (3) the flow is characteristic of viscous (thick) fluid or is one in which viscosity of the fluid plays a significant part. Turbulent Flow Turbulent flow is characterized by the irregular movement of particles of the fluid.   There is no definite  frequency  as  there  is  in  wave  motion.   The  particles  travel  in  irregular  paths  with  no observable pattern and no definite layers. Rev. 0 Page 17 HT-03


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